Vampire Academy, the novels from which the TV series is based

Vampire Academy has finally become a TV series, created by Julie Plec (vampire master thanks to the Vampire Diaries). But the story is taken from a cycle of Richelle Mead novels – here’s the order in which to read them.

Of the vampires you can never get enough, even more so if their story is taken from one or more novels. A new transposition will soon arrive – this time on television – of Interview with the vampirewhile it is already available Vampire Academynew TV series based on the saga of the same name Richelle Mead. To make it even more special is the figure of Julie Plecan expert on vampires since she figures as the creator of successful experiments such as The Vampire Diaries, Legacies And The Original. And, even in this case, it is deployed on the front line leading The vampire academy even on TV.

Vampire Academy

In the project he acts as co-showrunner, sharing the pen with Marguerite MacIntyre. Before even defining the action plan well, Julie Plec had said that Vampire Academy has always been one of his favorite stories and that being able to bring him to life – again – was a great honor. Because, even before the TV series, a homonymous one was made film adaptation. It came out in 2014 starring Zoey Deutchbut it has not been very successful.

Vampire Academythe novels from which the TV series is based: the order of reading

The vampire academyin the original language entitled Vampire Academyis a saga branded as urban fantasyRichelle Mead’s paranormal romance genre and tells the story of Rose Hathawaya teenager who attends the academy like dhampir, aka vampire daughter and a human being. Her job is to protect her best friend Lissaone moroi (called the good vampires), for which he trains as a bodyguard. The enemy has form and name: they are the strigoi, evil vampires who feed on Dhampir and human blood.

Vampire Academy novels
Vampire Academy

Rose’s adventures change from page to page and the paranormal saga is made up of several novels. To follow it chronologically it is important to start with the right volume. It’s hard to go wrong, considering that the first novel is titled The vampire academy (in Italian). The first volume was translated in 2009. The second is entitled Ice bitesreleased in 2010, while the third The kiss of the shadow. Here is a table with chronological order of release:

  • The vampire academy2009
  • Ice bites2010
  • The kiss of the shadow2011
  • Blood promise2011
  • Linked souls2014
  • The last sacrifice2014
Vampire Academy novels
Vampire Academy

In total, the de The Vampire Academy It’s composed by six novelsbut there are several spin off that the author has created to focus on some secondary characters and which have not yet arrived in Italy. The saga is called Bloodlines and is made up of six other titles: Bloodlines, The Golden Lily, The Indigo Spell, The Fiery Heart, Silver Shadow And The Ruby Circle.

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