Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment revealed the launch date of the Vampyr action RPG on Nintendo Switch.

Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment have announced that the action RPG Vampyr will debut on Nintendo Switch on October 29th. At the head of the news, you can find a new trailer.

Vampyr has been available since last year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In our review of the PC edition, Tommaso Pugliese had written: “Vampyr is an action RPG able to offer an engaging, demanding, a sometimes disturbing experience, with a perfect setting to tell this kind of stories.

The London of 1918 in which Dr. Jonathan Reid, newly created vampire, moves, is dark and threatening, with dangers around every corner that manifest themselves in the form of hunters and monsters, to be faced according to the mechanics of a combat system equipped with one surprising thickness, so often ruthless. It is in this context that the events of a set of characters with which we will have to interact and relate develop, building on the basis of our choices a different epilogue at the end of a fairly substantial campaign, which will not fail to leave its mark. Indeed, two: strictly on the neck. “

The game sold more than a million copies and the success of the work led to an extension of the agreement signed by the French team with Focus Home Interactive.

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