Vanessa Hudgens sure she talks to spirits: “It’s a gift”

StThere are many Hollywood stars who have unexpected hobbies. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio are passionate about ceramics, Penelope Cruz is a coat hanger collection, Demi Lovato hunts for aliens. And then there is Vanessa Hudgens, who can speak with the spirits of deceased people. Or at least that’s what she’s been saying for many years. The last sortie in this sense was made by the The Kelly Clarkson Showbroadcast in the United States on NBC.

The former Disney starlet, now 33, has revealed that he has now accepted to «see and hear things» and not to be ashamed to talk about it publicly anymore. In his view it is about a gift”, discovered when she was still a child. “I remember getting ready for school, i was 8 years old, and there was… You know those toy ducks you have to pull the strings on? There was one on the dining room table. I started walking and she immediately joined me».

A skill that he decided to put aside for a long time, because the unknown “scared” her. But then she embraced this “possibility”: “Recently I said to myself, ‘This is a gift, it’s something I have the ability to do, so I’m going to dive into it». And so it has been since then would begin to make various experiences with the paranormal. In particular, he has taken to using a so-called “spirit box”, which would be able to analyze radio frequencies very quickly.

It is thanks to the latter, according to Hudgens, that the spirits would be able to contact her. One of the occasions to try it was in a cemetery, at night: she was with a friend and would have met a “playful spirit” named Sam, with whom he would have had a brief exchange. All absurd and surreal, but someone on social media seems to believe her. While the majority of those who attended the interview inevitably had a healthy laugh.


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