Venghino, gentlemen come to the Sampdoria media circus –

Mr Francesco Di Silvioin a post on Facebook, defines Primocanale as Last channel thinking of offending us. Instead, with this irritated and nervous reaction he makes us a “Great favor” because he confirms all the doubts and perplexities we have on the alleged operation he set up, for now with little success, for the acquisition of the Sampdoria.

The expression “great favor” is strictly in quotation marks, since none like Primocanalewhich in recent years has struggled in “Splendid isolation” against the mismanagement of Ferrerodhe would like an important, stable and lasting solution for Sampdoria’s futureheritage of fans, of Italian football and of the city of Genoa.

Unfortunately, as already happened on the occasion of the news disclosed with great fanfare on the website and social networks by the Sampdoria company of the lawsuit filed against Primocanale in February 2019, there are many Sampdoria supporters who, today as then, take the side of the “master” (then Ferrero) or the aspiring man (Di Silvio), accusing those who work as a journalist, with the utmost care, gradually “Sfascism”, “defeatism”, “Anti sampdorianità” and so on and so forth, demonstrating that the lessons of the past are of little use: a little more attention would have been enough three and a half years ago (Primocanale in fact “won” the judicial quarrel with Ferrero, obtaining from the investigating magistrate, at the request of the prosecutor, the filing of the complaint, as evidence of having reported information consistent with the truth) to avoid living the nightmare of today. But that’s another story, time is always a gentleman.

We remain current, the alleged “Climb” by Di Silvio at Sampdoria with financial support, announced by a Tunisian broker, Mehdi Hani, director of the company MH Partners SA based in Genevain Switzerland, of the Qatari Khalid Faleh Al Thanialleged member of the royal family (it does not appear in the family tree) and president of Board of Prime Lands Real Estatea company that operates within the real estate sector, to which is added the sports advice of the former Sampdoria footballer Ivano Bonetti (moreover, a “friend” of the writer). Pending the closing – which, according to what was announced by the film entrepreneur, should take place in early October – there are many unclear aspects in this story.

First. The initial contact between Di Silvio and the trustee Gianluca Vidal, in charge of the sale of Sampdoria also on behalf of the Bankruptcy Court of Rome, dates back to the end of March, therefore more than five months ago. The Bari entrepreneur, who exhibited the email of a “power of attorney to buy” dating back to 2020 (the same one used to vainly attempt the climb to Foggia and Salernitana?) Was dutifully turned over the list of “commitments” to be fulfilled in order to access the “Secret room” that holds the accounts of Sampdoria. Since then none of these commitments have been honored, as Vidal also pointed out yesterday: “Without controversy”, he precised. Di Silvio justified these delays by attributing them to the ineffectiveness of the initial mediators, including the lawyer Michelangelo Mettalater replaced.

According to. To “reassure” Vidal about the non-receipt of the requested documents, first Di Silvio said that to buy Sampdoria from the Arab group it would not even be necessary to enter the data room for due diligence (analysis of the accounts), then that the mediators they had changed and that in the meantime he and the Sampdoria board would be invited to Doha, Qatar, to meet the financier in person. Invitation never receivedneither to Vidal nor to any member of the Sampdoria Board of Directors.

Third. Di Silvio, through Bonetti, got involved a couple of months ago in a conference call too Gianluca Vialli, whose name subsequently “came out” from the letter with which, yesterday to the Ansa agency, the mediator of Khalid Faleh Al Thani, or the Tunisian Mehdi Hani, announced the Qatari’s intention to buy Sampdoria. The declaration would have been translated from Arabic by Francesco Di Silvio himself and the company that presented it would have its headquarters at an address where there is nothing but a post office box.

Fourth. There are examples, even recent ones, of how the money of the alleged or so-called sheikhs is not always a blessing, as evidenced by the sad history of Malaga: Abdullah Al Thani had bought the Spanish club, as an article from Il Foglio of last July 16 explains well, “with the intention of snatching it from anonymity and transforming it into the new tyrant of Spanish football. It did not go like this, on the contrary ”. Eventually it happens that “It is not Al Thani who enters the club’s money, but it is the club which lends the money to Al Thani. Just over 7 million euros, to be precise. According to El Mundo, the sheikh drew from the club’s coffers to buy an Audi, to pay for travel and personal rent. It is an earthquake that does not wreak havoc on a sick situation. But it crystallizes it “.

Certainly, a precedent that has gone wrong is not enough to automatically attribute the same potential destiny to every other similar operation. But it is the set of elements that we have told of a story that leaks from all sides that should be sufficient, at least, to to raise the antennae to those who constantly prefer a good lie to an uncomfortable truth.

Fifth – The letter from the mediator sent to the Anxiety agency was never delivered, as Vice President Romei revealed yesterday to Primocanale, neither to the Board of Directors nor to Vidal: that is to say, I announce urbi et orbi the desire to buy Sampdoria, but I do not communicate it to the directly interested parties, or to the sellers. At least weird.

If those of Di Silvio, beyond the folkloristic character (already heard, this one) are roses, they will flourish. With the hope that they will not wither immediately. If, on the other hand, they result in a bluff, carried out in good faith also by someone who honored the Sampdoria jersey on the pitch, Sampdoria will not only have to start over but also go back to questioning what it has become, while inside there are those who do their utmost to ensure a future worthy of history, its external environment within a few years: a squalid circus, even media, made up of puppeteers, puppets and above all fools. Come, gentlemen, come.

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