Venus and Serena Williams’ 81-year-old father ‘King’ Richard’s unique Muhammad Ali trait revealed in thrilling ‘Compton Crusader’ confession

The legendary Williams sisters have made an impact on the history of tennis like no other. Even after Serena Williams’ retirement, she still remains one of the biggest stars in tennis because of her impeccable statistics, record-breaking benchmarks, and of course her personality. And the same goes for Venus Williams.

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Just recently, their childhood coach Rick Macsey shared an example of the sisters’ attitude. She also spoke about how her father Richard Williams had inculcated an attitude in the sisters that helped them win many matches. Furthermore, he also emphasized the importance of the aura that he developed, which allowed him to intimidate everyone and achieve success.

Serena Williams’ former coach talks about the sisters’ fierce attitude


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Rick Macsey was the sisters’ first coach, succeeding their father Richard Williams. He has seen them from where they started and he knows them better than any of their other coaches. She recently posted on her Twitter channel about the sisters and how their father instilled in them a quality that is inspired by legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

His tweet said,The number one competitive message I loved from my best friend Compton Crusader Richard Williams was that he told the girls about the ALI Playbook. Our mentality against the world and the art of intimidation. Walk, talk, stare so that the opposition remains aware.

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If you’re a true fan of Serena or Venus, you’d know that amidst so much success, the sisters have also faced downfalls. But his same attitude kept motivating him to move forward, get up and move ahead. This is where his never die attitude comes from and it clearly shows.

Rick McKee has always shown confidence in the sisters because they had such qualities from the beginning. He even invested over $92,000 in them during his childhood, which was a financial risk for him at the time.


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Rick McKee was in favor of the Williams sisters from the beginning

The world-renowned coach always had amazing ideas about the sisters’ success. Because he saw how Richard raised him and instilled the ‘Ali Playbook’ in him. Because of that, he took a big financial risk by buying a motor home for his sisters, which cost about $92,000, twice the price of his own car.

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If at that time he had not seen in them the potential to become amazing children, he would never have gone this far. And the result is in front of all of us. The Williams sisters certainly owe a large part of their success to their first coach.


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