Very Ugly Mess. and It Goes From Cristina Pedroche. “Envy Eats It.” Rejected for Her!

Cristina Pedroche

As expected to see the precedents, there have been few haters of Cristina Pedroche who have taken advantage of the mess in Atresmedia to go against that of Vallecas. And it is that the rumors about who will be the presenter of Pasapalabra in Antena 3 do not stop.

Yes, after many years in Telecinco, the famous contest returns to the chain where it began its broadcast in our country in the year 2000. And of course, before such an important return, the chain wants the format to have one of its best-known faces.

The mess with Cristina Pedroche

And that’s where Cristina Pedroche’s name appearsFrom the first moment in which her name began to appear as one of the candidates, her followers made it very clear that it would be a success.

However, for whatever reason, it seems that the direction of Atresmedia would see Anna SimónPedroche’s companion in Zapeando, with better eyes. Although the decision is not official and there is still nothing confirmed, there are some who say that it is very likely that the Catalan will be responsible for the program.

A mess that has given wings to the anti – Pedroche to charge against it. While it is true that Cristina has never spoken about it and that she has always shown a more than good tuning with Simon, her detractors are already starting to circulate through the networks that jealousy corrodes Cristina.

Comments such as ” Envy eats it”, “The anger that must lead must be of the fat”, “Surely she is jealous” or ” Pedroche is not used to being passed …” and fly through the networks.

In the next few days, we will know what the final decision of the chain is. A decision that, whatever it may be, does not seem to be a source of joy for the wife of David Muñoz.



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