Vespa Piaggio, the legendary much-loved model is back: prices

When a new Vespa is born the whole world moves: it is in fact a epochal event, continues a story of extraordinary success, founded on the values ​​of style and technology and on Made in Italy. Today Piaggio offers the new Vespa GTS, a model that collects the legacy of the legendary “Vespone”, a name that has always been given to Vespa with a larger body. A scooter with which to move elegantly in the city but also on the road, even on an adventure, thanks to generous engines and a high level of comfort.

The style of the new Vespa

Icon of contemporary design, the new GTS family enhances the Vespa style thanks to a range of fourteen different colors available. Elegance is the result of a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, that we immediately notice from the GTS lines, refined with obsessive care in every smallest detail. The build quality is also very high, reaching levels never touched before.

The new Vespa GTS range is very rich in standard equipment and there are four versions, each with a well-defined soul: the classic Vespa GTS, very elegant, then there are the contemporary GTS Super, the sporty GTS SuperSport and the hyper-technological GTS SuperTech.

All available in two ultra modern enginesthe technological single-cylinder 125 i-get and the 300 hpe engine (High Performance Engine), one of the most recent born thanks to the Piaggio Group’s engine technology, which aims to create increasingly advanced and efficient engines in terms of emissions and consumption.

The Vespa GTS look

As always happens in the history of Vespa, the shell is in steel: a sustainable material, 100% recyclable, which offers unparalleled strength and unique safety and dynamism qualities. A completely new front suspension was added to the new model. Maintaining the traditional single-sided pattern, the system has been redesigned in the operating pattern to ensure greater stability, especially at high speeds and to improve handling and comfort.

Like every model, the new Vespa GTS also boasts perfect ergonomics and natural seating which contribute to making it very comfortable for everyone, as well as extremely pleasant to drive. The new Vespa GTS underlines the strong vocation for tourism and travel, which the great Vespas have always embodied. We see it in the new saddle with superior comfort also for the passenger and optimized ergonomics for easy foot rest on the ground.

The latest generation technology

The practicality and ease of use of the Vespa take a step forward thanks to the introduction of the keyless system, to activate the ignition without having to insert the traditional key, thus making all the starting operations, opening the saddle and inserting the steering lock easier, now possible with the remote control in your pocket.

In the SuperTech variant we find the ultra-modern TFT color display, and instead on all the other versions in the price list, a new instrumentation makes its debut, with an unchanged style and elegance, but more complete and capable of exploiting the potential of the VESPA MIA connectivity system, standard on SuperTech and SuperSport and available as an accessory on other trim levels.

All versions of the new Vespa GTS are already available at Piaggio Group dealers; the list price starts from 5,999 euros for the GTS 125 and from 6,999 euros for the 300 hpe.

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