Video bomb! Karol G’s thread bikini: On her back and doing this!


To start the year 2020 as it deserves, we bring you a video bomb of Karol G in an infarct bikini. With the rise of fame, there was also an increase in the temperature of the publications. This year that has just begun is projected as one of the most moved for the Gender Warrior, we will see how it develops. For now, it is time to be attentive to the body of the Colombian captured from behind.

On a boat, Karol is enjoying her favorite place, the sea. Everything is perfect, the sun, the music, and the landscape, but what finished decorating a postcard to remember, was the thread bikini that she decided to use. It boasts important curves that highlight the Latin style.

The figure next to Karol’s bikini took most of the looks, however, the purpose of the video was to capture the moment when the singer jumped into the sea from a considerable height, which she bravely achieved at the end.

This scenario of the beach could be repeated for a moment that all the fans are waiting for, the wedding with Anuel AA, although it is still rushed to talk about dates.

Karol G awakens the madness of the doubles

The fame of Karol G reached such a point during the last year, that the phenomenon of the double awoke. Every day there are more people who want to look like reggaeton.

The most famous double that is giving what to talk about right now is Tamara Torres Guardia, who imitated the cut, makeup, tan, hair color, clothes, and movements, making it practically impossible to differentiate it with the naked eye. Even the top Colombian reference of the genre revealed feeling happy about this particular way of showing admiration. The popularity of the South American G is growing and it shows with this kind of situation.



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