VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo ‘humiliates’ rival who never won and becomes a joke in the locker room

A story involving striker Cristiano Ronaldo and one of his scorers came to light and ended up winning social media. All because of a revelation made by the German defender Robin Gosens in the book “Dreams Are Worthwhile”, which tells the trajectory of the defender, now at Internazionale. The player was humiliated by the ace after trying to change his shirt with the Portuguese and receiving a negative response.

Cristiano Ronaldo shirt becomes a joke on the web – Photo: Reproduction Youtube

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Robin Gosens said he played for Atalanta when after a game he asked to change his shirt with Cristiano Ronaldo. But the player was dry in his response and made the German feel humiliated. So much so that he looked to see if anyone had seen the scene.

– After the final whistle I went to talk to him… but Ronaldo did not accept. I asked: ‘Cristiano, can I have your shirt?’ He didn’t even look at me, he just said, ‘No!’ I was completely embarrassed. I left and felt small. You know that moment when something embarrassing happens and you look around to see if anyone has noticed? That’s what I felt and tried to hide,” he said.

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But the move did not go unnoticed by his teammate, left-back Hans Hateboer. So much so that he decided to play a prank in the locker room a few games later and took a Cristiano Ronaldo shirt. Robin Gosens couldn’t contain himself when receiving the gift and burst out laughing. The scene went viral on social media.

Interestingly, Cristiano Roinaldo never felt the taste of beating Robin Gosens on the field. The two players faced each other six times and the German was never defeated. The most striking confrontation was in last year’s Eurocup, when Germany won 4-2 in Portugal with a goal from the defender, elected the best on the field.

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This wasn’t the only time CR7 refused to change his shirt with a teammate. Former Chievo goalkeeper Stefano Sorrentino claimed that the striker refused his request after saving his penalty in a Serie A clash of the Italian Championship in January 2019. from Turin.

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