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‘The World We Live In’ is a new video format from EL PAÍS that aims to answer some of the questions that the development of new technologies and scientific progress have raised in our society. What is the potential of artificial intelligence for the treatment of still incurable diseases? How can science help us get rid of insomnia? What will the new space race bring us? In this monthly event, this newspaper’s science and technology journalists, and some of the most distinguished researchers in each discipline, comfortably answer these and other great questions.

In this first chapter, Patricia Fernández de Lis, science editor in chief of EL PAÍS, and Daniel Mediavilla talk about a process that humans have wanted to control since they became aware: aging. Not dying was, and still is, a great impossible aspiration. However, modern science has made it a remarkable idea to significantly slow down the effects of aging on our bodies. Billionaires and tech gurus are already investing heavily in projects to understand how we age and how to stop the process. Creating miniaturized organs that may one day replace damaged ones, studying substances that increase life expectancy, or reprogramming our cells to maintain youth are some of the most discussed in this chapter. Some of the promising techniques are. These are approaches that may soon start showing results, but for now, only eating well, avoiding toxic intakes, and regular exercise have proven effective in extending years of life.

Maria Blasco, director of the National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), one of the world’s leading experts in this field, also participates in the video.


script: Patricia Fernandez de Lis and Daniel Mediavilla

Realization: Luis Manuel Rivas and Álvaro R. de la rua

Graphics: Carmen Castellon and Eduardo Ortiz

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