Video shows how two subjects agree to steal a motorcycle in zone 18 – Prensa Libre

The theft of a motorcycle was recorded by surveillance cameras in a sector of the Juana de Arco neighborhood, in zone 18 of the capital.

In the 42-second video, it is seen how two subjects apparently agree to commit the crime.

In the images it is observed when one walks around the sector and speaks on a cell phone.

As he walks, he repeatedly looks at the motorcycle and then walks away.

Later his accomplice appears, who maneuvers the vehicle and holds it by the rudder to push it a few meters.

Then the motorcycle starts and the subject steals it from one of the streets of the Juana de Arco neighborhood.

Noticias del Atlántico shared the video that shows the moment in which the crime is committed.

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The capital of Guatemala has been the scene of several motorcycle thefts and surveillance cameras have captured some.

In the early hours of January 18 just past, it was recorded when criminals stripped a man of his motorcycle.

In the images it is seen when two motorcycles, with two occupants each, intercept a motorist.

A criminal gets off each motorcycle and after threats they steal the biker’s vehicle and leave.

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