Viewers boycott Anne Hathaway’s film. The actress apologizes

“Witches”, directed by Robert Zemeckis, is a story about witches who hate children and plot to turn them into mice. Hathaway plays the role of an ugly witch with deformed hands. As it turned out, the make-up procedure, which was to emphasize the monstrousness of the protagonist, affected people with congenital developmental defects, which result in the deformation of the fingers. Such as ectrodactyly (splitting of a hand or foot, resembling a lobster claw).

After a series of criticisms on social media from people with disabilities and their carers, Warner Bros. representatives first apologized for their mistake, and now Hathaway herself joined them.

On her Instagram profile, she wrote: “I recently found out that many people with limb deformities, especially children, suffer from my role as Great Witch in the movie» Witches «. Let me start by saying that I am doing everything in my power to be sensitive. on the feelings and experiences of others “- wrote the actress.

Later in the post, she noted that she hates cruelty. She also admits that she had no idea that her character’s physical characteristics would be linked to the condition. “I apologize especially to children with limb deformities: now that I know more about it, I promise to do better next time,” she added.

Anne Hathaway is an Oscar winner for her supporting role in Les Misérables. Les Misérables (2013); she was also nominated for Best Leading Role in Rachel Getting Married.

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