Vin Diesel’s stunt double, Junior does social action in Caxias, RJ

The cold arrived with everything in Brazil. Several cities across the country have recorded temperatures much lower than normal for the time of year. Thinking about it, the stuntman and youtuber Junior promoted an action in the municipality of Caxias, in Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, where the largest number of homeless people are concentrated and donated hundreds of coats and blankets as an act of solidarity. Júnior also called on government officials to promote actions to benefit disadvantaged people, generating more jobs and thus reducing poverty.

Although little appreciated by the public, the work of a stuntman is a super important part in the production of a successful movie or series. Professionals in this area use all their wits to make people who watch the program believe that they are in fact the main actor on the scene.


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Junior Stuntman is known for his YouTube videos like ‘I Found the Target’, where he approaches unknown people, and pretending to be on the phone, asks if he can execute the target, causing people to run in fear. He also got to prank Edu Primitivo and Mc Pose.

National and international success

An example of Júnior’s work as a stuntman is the action scenes made in Fast and Furious 5, released in 2010. Many people believe that actor Vin Diesel ran across the roofs of Morro Dona Marta, but they are completely wrong. The truth is that the work was done by the then-known Junior Stuntman who won the role after a dispute with 20 other lookalikes of the actor.

Vin Diesel’s stunt double, Junior, helps homeless people on a cold night in Baixada Fluminense (Photo: Disclosure)

The artist who has a YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers, has been a stuntman in several other plots such as the soap operas ‘Os Dez Mandamentos’, ‘Malhação’ and ‘José do Egito’. In addition, he also participated in the film ‘To Ryca’ and made a cameo in a film by Renato Aragão.

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