Vini Jr. list favorites in the World Cup and highlights the importance of Neymar in the national team

No Bem, Amigos!, Vini Jr.  pointed out Brazil's competitors in the World Cup
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No Bem, Amigos!, Vini Jr. pointed out Brazil’s competitors in the World Cup

Striker Vincius Jnior is one of the main Brazilian players today. Real Madrid’s number 20, therefore, will probably be one of coach Tite’s choices to go to the World Cup. This Monday, Vini named his favorites at the World Cup and highlighted the importance of Neymar for Brazil.

“‘(Spain) are favorites like Brazil, like Germany, France and Argentina. They are traditional teams. It doesn’t matter what player they have, they will always give work. Barcelona, ​​the two biggest clubs in the world, so they will always have a great championship,” Vini said in an interview with Sportv’s Bem, Amigos! program.

”The English are very strong physically and play with great intensity, they are always at the top. Of course, the World Cup is different, you have to be well that month to have a great competition, but the traditional teams will always be more work,” he continued.


For Vincius, Neymar is the most important player in the Brazilian National Team. The number 10 helps take the pressure off the younger ones and opens up space on the field for Vini to explore his speed.

”Ney is our best player and the most important. in it that the opponents will be closer together. I’m always asked to run in the space he leaves. Ney has an exceptional quality and does everything for me, a great friend, he does everything for the Seleo players. Of course the pressure is higher for him. He’s been there longer, he’s older and he calls that responsibility and ends up taking it away from the people who are arriving now to maybe play in our first Cup,” he said.

Vini Jnior also revealed that Tite, the Seleo coach, talks a lot with Carlo Ancelotti, the Real Madrid coach, current Spanish and Champions League champions. These conversations have helped the attacker’s evolution.

”They speak directly. In the call-ups, to play when we have very close games at Real, Ancelotti ends up asking for the release to take me out of one game or another. And Tite also always talks to Ancelotti, how I’m doing better at Real. He asked how I could help Seleo more as well. I think the two like each other and understand each other well.

Yes, of course (it was important to me). The two coaches being connected and knowing what I can do best, what they can help me too, always good”, he concluded.

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