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Ryan Giggs he is a Manchester United legend: throughout his long and successful career he has always been an exemplary professional, but outside the pitch it’s a whole other story. Dragged to court by ex-partner Kate Greville, who accuses him of violencethe Welsh footballer admitted he was unfaithful many times, calling himself a “love cheater”.

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Giggs just can’t resist in front of an attractive woman: after all, because of her infidelity, the marriage with Stacey had already been skipped. Evidently things have not changed with Kate, even if the footballer has stressed several times that he never crossed the line and that the violent attitudes denounced by her partner in reality never existed. Instead, the player admitted to being highly unfaithful: an almost pathological thing, which has been repeated for years.

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So Giggs forcefully rejected any allegations of alleged violence against his partner and her sisters, revealing instead his numerous extra-marital relationships. Regarding a specific episode in which he would have hit his partner, the footballer expressed himself as follows: “During this match our heads may have collided, I don’t remember if it was the face or the head, but I’m sure it was not intentional”.

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