Virgin Atlantic says goodbye to the “gender” of flight attendants

No more stewardesses with skirts or stewards with trousers. From now on, Virgin Atlantic flight attendants will be able to wear the uniform that suits them best.

The airline headed by Sir Richard Branson has decided to upgrade the gender identity policy allowing on-board personnel, pilots and ground attendants to dress as they please, wearing the uniform that best suits their gender and identity.

Steward with skirt

Those who fly with Virgin from today will therefore find hostesses with jackets and trousers, but also flight attendants males with skirts. All signed Vivienne Westwood.

And that’s not all. Male assistants will also be able put on makeupwear long hair and everyone can show off their tattoos without having to hide them anymore.

But that’s not all. Also on the identification tag that the staff wears it will be optional to indicate the title of Mr, Miss, Mrs, Mx or any preferred wording.

News for non-gender passengers

The news also concern passengers: from now on, booking air tickets will also include a field for “neutral” gender ‘U’ or ‘X’ and even travelers can ask the check-in desk to have a badge with the preferred title with which they want to be called.

A revolution in the skies

Virgin had already started a small revolution a couple of years ago, when she allowed her staff to show up to work without makeup, heels or wearing pants. Then she had also allowed her to show flashy tattoos.

These changes are the result of a recent one investigation according to which allowing their employees to express their personality in the workplace increases their mental well-being by 49%, their happiness by 65% ​​and creates a better experience for both staff and customers (24%).

What passengers will think this is still worth seeing. However, it seems that some other airline is considering following Virgin’s example. According to Dagospia, the British national airline, British Airways, would be thinking of a policy of inclusiveness also among its employees.

A British spokesman would, in fact, have confirmed that the company is “Reviewing the strict foreign exchange policy, now decades old”.

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