Vizzolo, the 150 athletes of the historic Gm 75 remain without a gym after 42 years

Vizzolo, the 150 athletes of the historic Gm 75 remain without a gym after 42 years

The protest with gymnastics in the square

(Photo by Canali)

  • Friday 23 September 2022

Gymnastics in the square and banners in front of the town hall in protest

Trumpets, whistles, ballets and banners: on Thursday afternoon, about thirty athletes from the Melegnano 75 gymnasium society demonstrated in front of the town hall of Vizzolo Predabissi: “The Municipality has not given us the gym after 42 years and the administration has not even called us , the result is that 150 gymnasts are in the middle of the street – urged the president Carlo Galmozzi -. We ask the mayor Luisa Salvatori to mediate to find a solution that can bring us back to our gym ». The demonstration did not even lack the opposition municipal councilors. “It becomes essential to find a solution as soon as possible – Serena Oca and Daniele Finotti cut short -, we will bring the question to the city council”. Once again the mayor Salvatori has reiterated what she has argued several times in recent days. “With the tender for the management of the building won by New Volley Vizzolo, the only thing we can do is to invite the two parties to find a solution so that the gym is used by both sports clubs”.

Read the full article on the Citizen of Lodi on newsstands today Friday 23 September


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