Vogue Italy | June issue, with covers designed by children

Vogue Italia, June issue, with covers designed by children (Monday, 8 June 2020) The new number of Vogue Italy it is dedicated to the children and their world, a symbol of purity and rebirth. For the first time in the history of the head, in fact, are the children to draw the eight covers the number on sale from 9 June.
“There is a simple and fundamental reason for this number of Vogue Italy it is dedicated to the childrento their new world. It is because we think that they are the great removed, the less obvious victims of the pandemic that has hit us all. Without even considering the injury to the right to play and socialize, is simply incredible and unacceptable that in many Countries, including our own, do not know yet if and how the schools will reopen in September”, says Emanuele Farneti, Director of Vogue Italy.
Artists who have made the eight covers are children of … Read on gqitalia

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