Volkswagen Says Goodbye to the Internal Combustion Engine

While Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess met US President Donald Trump and other German motorists in New York, VW chief strategist Michael Jost made a big splash in Wolfsburg. “In 2026, the last product launch will start on a combustion platform,” Jost announced at the “Handelsblatt Auto summit 2018”.

The goals of the Paris Climate Agreement could only be achieved if in 2050 no car with internal combustion engine goes on the roads, said Jost. In 2025, VW will begin the last model generation with an internal combustion engine. These gasoline or diesel will come on the market in the early 2030s. VW expects to sell the last burners around 2040. “The first stop sign is then set.”

The end of the internal combustion engine is to revolutionize the entire VW Group. “The green branch is becoming our new business model,” explained Jost in Wolfsburg. The amount of carbon dioxide emissions will become a management tool in the company. For the entire life cycle of a vehicle, Volkswagen promises climate neutrality in the future. Even the electricity that is consumed in the factories of the car company should in the future come entirely from renewable energies.

Europe’s largest carmaker announced in mid-November that it would increase its investment in electromobility, autonomous driving and digitization to almost 44 billion euros over the next five years. Of that 30 billion euros are intended for electric mobility, said CEO Herbert Diess.

Porsche no longer offers diesel cars With his plans VW goes one step further than the daughter Porsche. The sports car manufacturer had announced in the middle of the year, no longer offer diesel vehicles. Other manufacturers such as Honda, FiatChrysler and Nissan want to get out of the diesel engine technology.

Volvo says goodbye more consistently from the internal combustion engine. From 2019, every new Volvo model will have an electric motor, announced the carmaker. The Swedes do not want to develop new diesel engines in the future.

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