Voluntary insurance – retirement, disability and sickness. Changes, the Social Insurance Institution explains

The rules for covering and setting out voluntary insurance: retirement, disability and sickness insurance are changing – informs the Social Insurance Institution. Late payment of contributions will no longer be the cause of their termination. Insurance coverage will only be possible on the basis of a ZUS ZUA document.

You can join the voluntary old-age and disability pension insurance if you are not compulsorily covered by this insurance. Voluntary insurance is valid from the date indicated in the application for insurance coverage. You can be covered by voluntary sickness insurance only if you are compulsorily covered by old-age and disability pension insurance.


Voluntary insurance. Embrace and standing

In its statement on Thursday, the Social Insurance Institution reminded about the upcoming changes in voluntary insurance. As indicated, coverage by voluntary insurance will take place only on the basis of an application submitted on the ZUS ZUA document. “It will no longer be possible to cover these insurances on the basis of the so-called implied application, when the premiums for a given month were settled and paid within the statutory deadline” – the Zakład explained.

This means that, for example, if voluntary insurance ceases before December this year, then in order to be covered by these insurances again, you have to report to them on the ZUS ZUA document.

In addition, untimely payment of contributions for voluntary insurance will no longer be a reason for their termination. “This change must be applied as early as December 2021. Voluntary insurance will not cease if the December 2021 premium, which is due in January 2022, is paid late or is not paid” – reads the release.

At the same time, it causes changes in submitting the resignation from voluntary insurance. From December 1 this year. such a person will have to deregister by submitting the ZUS ZWUA document. For resignation, it is not enough not to pay the contributions.

However, the same rules as to date will be for the termination of such insurance. Voluntary insurance will cease, for example, with the establishment of an employment relationship in the case of retirement and disability pension insurance, and with the termination of a fixed-term contract of mandate in the case of sickness insurance.

“In the period from the date of coverage by voluntary insurance until the date of its termination, the insured will have to settle and pay contributions for each month. In order not to pay contributions for these types of insurance, it will be necessary to deregister from them” – ZUS informed.

Voluntary insurance. Right to benefits

From the beginning of 2022, the arrears in contributions to voluntary social insurance will not cease, but may have an impact on the right to sickness insurance benefits. “If this arrears exceed the amount of 1% of the minimum wage, the right to benefits will not be entitled until the entire debt has been repaid. The right to the benefit will expire if the debt is not repaid within 6 months from the date on which the right to the benefit arises” – the Zakład explained .

ZUS also informed that the new regulations will make it possible to maintain the continuity of voluntary insurance when contributions are not paid or will be paid, but after the deadline. This means that you will not need to submit applications for consent to late payment of contributions.

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