Vote on Johnson’s dismissal a matter of time

According to the party’s regulations, a motion of no confidence in the leader may be put to a vote if he applies for it at least 15%. members of the deputies’ club, which currently means 54 deputies. Until this ceiling is reached, the number of letters they have sent out with such a request is secret, but it is known that a number have already done so.

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Great Britain. The media is sure that politicians will vote on a no-confidence vote against Boris Johnson

However, they must bear in mind that if the party leader defends himself in the vote, the next such motion may be submitted a year later. If Boris Johnson is dismissed from his position as Tory leader, he will automatically cease to be the head of government as well.

Johnson’s removal from power of conservative MPs may be prompted by another poll, which was published by The Times, which was disastrous for this group, on Thursday. The Conservative Party was supported by only 28 percent. respondents, i.e. the lowest number since 2013. The opposition Labor Party already has 10 percentage points. advantage, but she is not the main beneficiary of Johnson’s problems, but the Liberal Democrats, for whom support has risen to 13%.

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Boris Johnson (illustrative photo)Johnson apologizes for breaking the lockdown. “I understand the anger”

Fatal polls by Boris Johnson. Only 2 percentage points. advantage over Teresa May in the week before her resignation

Johnson’s own ratings are even worse, falling to the lowest level since he took office 2.5 years ago – to 23 percent. – and it’s only 2 percentage points above the level of its predecessor Theresa May in the week before her resignation. In addition, the vast majority of those polled, including Conservative Party voters, believe Johnson is not telling the truth about the Downing Street friendships during the covid restrictions.

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The YouGov poll was conducted before Johnson’s Wednesday speech in the House of Commons, in which he apologized for attending such a meeting on May 20, 2020, because it is currently the biggest problem and the most obvious breach of the restrictions in the eyes of the public. But Johnson’s apologies have been judged by the media as not very frank, so the polls that follow may make things worse rather than better.

The media on Thursday drew attention to the fact that the favorites to replace Johnson, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and the head of diplomacy Liz Truss, were among the last members of the government to ensure their support for the prime minister, with Sunak’s Twitter entry not even endorsing . Speaking on Thursday morning on Sky News, Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis said there was no conflict between Johnson and Sunak.

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