Waiting for Amsterdam, five streaming films that are true hidden gems in Christian Bale’s career

The Oscar-winning actor offers commendable proof in David O. Russell’s new film. But it is no less in these streaming films that we recommend you to watch or review.

After being premiered at the Rome Film Festival just finished, it arrives this week in Italian cinemas Amsterdam from David O. Russell. Protagonist of the film set in 1930s New York is Christian Bale, which in our opinion gives in this film one of the most successful and poetic performances of his glorious career. We then decided to pay homage to the talent of the Welsh-born actor not by re-proposing his great successes with critics and audiences, but by looking for five streaming movies that represent “goodies” perhaps more hidden but perhaps for this reason even more precious. So here are the titles of Christian Bale that we hope you will want to review, or perhaps to find out if you have not had the opportunity. Enjoy the reading.

Five cult streaming movies starring Christian Bale

  • The empire of the sun
  • Equilibrium
  • The Fire of Vengeance – Out of the Furnace
  • Knight of Cups
  • Le Mans ’66 – The great challenge

Empire of the Sun (1987)

If at the absolute debut, still almost a child, he chooses you Steven Spielberg as the protagonist of one of his most personal films, it means that you are predestined, there is little to do. Based on the autobiographical novel by James G. Ballard, The empire of the sun it is a painful and terrible ride into the Second World War. And Bale offers an ironic, desperate and moving proof. Next to him excellent John Malkovich. Incredible film, very hard, with an excruciating ending. A pearl that reaches straight to the heart, to be reviewed and loved unconditionally. Available on Rakuten TV, KILOS, Google Play, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

Equilibrium (2003)

A strange dystopian science fiction film turns scene after scene into a personal and very well told reinterpretation of the classics of this genre. A nod to Fahrenheit 451 and to the George Orwell of 1984 for a very intense action at times, which in addition to a stylized and precise Bale also sees in the cast very good Sean Bean, William Fichtner And Emily Watson. Filmed largely in Rome – the most attentive will recognize many areas of the EUR – Equilibrium it works from every point of view, right up to the pyrotechnic finale. Really remarkable. Available on CHILI, Google Play, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

The Fire of Vengeance – Out of the Furnace (2013)

In our opinion, the best proof of Christian Bale’s dramatic career. The first film shot together with Scott Cooper – the western will follow Hostiles and the next horror / thriller set in the time of Edgar Allan Poe – is a murky and suffocating crime movie, where the sense of tragedy is always imminent. Between factories and a working class setting that struggles, The Fire of Vengeance – Out of the Furnace it just can’t be taken lightly, and has been greatly underestimated. Also very good Zoe Saldana, Woody Harrelson, Willem Dafoe And Casey Affleck. Powerful. Available on Rakuten TV, Google Play, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

Knight of Cups (2015)

Absolute protagonist of the dissertation by Terrence Malick offers on fame, success, perdition, search for salvation, Christian Bale gives himself body and soul to this poignant film, keeping it standing with its out of the ordinary stage presence. Knight of Cups is one of the best films by the Texan author, a hymn to the beautiful emptiness of experimental and fascinating Los Angeles. If you then add to support too Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman and another bevy of luxury actors, that’s it. Remarkable work, at times hypnotic. Available on Rakuten TV, Google Play, Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video.

Le Mans ’66 – The great challenge (2019)

In Italy not many have seen it, and it is a real shame. Why the sports film staged by the “classic” James Mangold it is a show of the highest order, a hymn to competition and to the strength of the individual who fights against his own limits. bale offers a histrionic test that is optimally linked to the more measured one of the co-star Matt Damon. Le Mans ’66 – The great challenge it is a great show, airy and exciting, which reaches the Oscar nomination for the best film of the year. In the cast also a fantastic one Caitriona Balfe and the always effective Jon Bernthal. From applause. Available on Rakuten TV, CHILI, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +.

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