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Maldini is right when he says “De Ketelaere is young, we have to wait for him”. He is right Pioli, when he adds “I am satisfied with what Charles has done so far”. Costacurta is not right, when he explains that “Shevchenko and Kakà also had problems when they arrived in Italy”, he was there and should remember Sheva in the first league goal (in Lecce) and top scorer in the first season (24 goals in 32 games), and Kakà scoring in the first derby (fourth presence) and already decisive in the Ancona debut.

Let’s wait for Charles De Ketelaere as well, but that’s not the point. Milan waited 1 year for Tonali and 2 Leao, CDK has plenty of time to grow and understandassert himself and perhaps even become stronger than the myths to which some fearless has approached him (even if talking about Rivera seems like a blasphemy, for those who were already there then). Here, however, we are judging what the young Belgian has done so far: little, indeed nothing. Only at Stamford Bridge the first shot on goal of the season, in 11 games, of which 7 played as a starter. And forget the quality of the shot.

Let’s wait for it, it will become very strong. How strong Leao has become, how indispensable Tonali has become. However, there is a huge difference between Milan in which Leao and Tonali made their debut: an embryonic team, which was finding itself again, formingwho was growing up to win the Scudetto, also thanks to them. Today Milan are Italian championshas the strongest player in the league, is the favorite to win back the title and – Maldini’s words at the end of May – he needed 3 players to grow also in Europe. If CDK is not ready, and Milan is saying it, it is not what Milan needed.

Because today Milan, without Kessié and Romagnoli, without Ibra, with Giroud who has already turned 36, are less strong than they were in May. And we don’t say this either, but Pioli (with Maldini) says it: Thiaw (zero minutes), Vrankx (12 minutes) and Adli (54 minutes) were not included in the Uefa list, evidently judged less than the others.as also demonstrated by the choices that concern them for the league games, always available. Half of the market rejected by the numbers, the other half rejected by the facts. Dest, who is playing out of necessity, we leave out how, Origi (98 minutes in 5 games, between one injury and another; not even the shadow of a goal) and the young CDK, who is right to wait, but it is right to remember that Kvaratskhelia is exactly his age (1 month difference) and cost less than a third (10 million versus 35).

Let’s wait for it, De Ketelaere. But if Milan has bet strongly on him, investing a large part of the budget to snatch him from the competition of Leeds, was it to continue growing as a team or to continue to grow talents who then risk going away as Leao when they consecrate themselves? @GianniVisnadi

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