wanted teacher 10th edition 2023

Professor 10, a call to action promoting teachers’ work in the country, opened its registration to publicize life stories of public sector teachers who use creativity and innovation in the classroom to contribute to the development of their students.

The application phase will be open till May 30. Interested teachers must fill in their data on the website: and explain why their work shows a positive impact on their students.

The winner will receive a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in innovation from the Área Andina University Foundation, a $10,000,000 bonus for location improvement at the institution where it is provided by the Finsocial Foundation, and a laptop.

The 10 finalists with the most inspiring stories will be announced on June 15. They will be required to create a video describing their career, experiences and challenges as teachers; There a public voting process will begin. The winners will be known on July 3, 2023. The first three places will receive prizes.

Prof 10 is an opportunity to recognize the immense value of teachers in the country, said Carolina Velez, Corporate Manager, Finsocial. “We want to enhance the value and work of our teachers and encourage their contribution to the knowledge and multidimensional development of new generations,” the directive said.

The previous edition of Prof 10 had over 1,800 teachers. The winner in 2022 was Rosalba Florez, a teacher at the Damaso Zapata Technical Educational Institute in Bucaramanga.

“We continue to seek the best and we travel the country in that pursuit. We want more teachers to participate and we are committed to creating an environment more conducive to creativity, talent and innovation”, said Jessica Perez, Marketing Manager, Finsocial.


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