War in Ukraine, FIFA bans Russian anthem and flag. Possible exclusions in the future

Message condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine by FIFA, which reports in an official statement how it took initial measures: “First of all, FIFA condemns the use of force by Russia in the invasion of Ukraine. violence is never a solution, the deepest solidarity with all the people involved “.

Russians allowed, no name “Russia”, anthem or flag
After reiterating the need to restore peace, FIFA underlines some measures taken in coordination with UEFA, in line with the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee: “No international competition will be played on Russian soil, home matches will be played on neutral and neutral territories. spectators. The association representing Russia can participate in any competition but with the name of ‘Russian Football Union’ (RFU the international acronym, ed) and not ‘Russia’, no Russian flag or anthem will be used in the matches in which they participate ” .

Watch out for exclusions. And at the 2022 World Cup
The note continues: “The dialogue continues with sports organizations to determine additional measures or sanctions, including potential exclusions from competitions that will be applied in the near future if the situation does not improve rapidly”. Concluding remarks on the 2022 World Cup: “Having taken note of the position expressed via social media by the federations of Poland, the Czech Republic and Sweden, FIFA is already talking with these associations for an acceptable solution to be found together”.

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