War in Ukraine, Visa and Mastercard suspend operations and network services in Russia

Visa and Mastercard have decided to suspend network operations and services in Russia. This was reported by two company press releases. The decision stems from the recent action to block multiple financial institutions from the Mastercard payment network, as requested by regulators globally. With this action, cards issued by Russian banks will no longer be supported by the Mastercard network. Furthermore, any Mastercard issued outside the country will also not work at Russian merchants or ATMs. (ALL THE LIVE NEWS – THE SCENARIOS – THE SPECIAL – THE VIDEOS – THE STORY OF THE ENROLLMENTS).

The Mastercard note

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“We do not take this decision lightly. Mastercard has been operating in Russia for over 25 years. We have nearly 200 colleagues who make this company so critical to many stakeholders,” the note reads. “For more than a week, the world has witnessed the shocking and devastating events resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our colleagues, our customers and our partners have been affected in ways that most of us could not imagine.” , they write in the press release. “These have been and will continue to be very difficult days, especially for our employees and their families in Ukraine; for our colleagues with relatives and friends in the region; for our colleagues in Russia; and for the rest of us who stay. looking from afar. As we take this step, we join with many others in the hope and commitment for a more positive, productive and peaceful future for all of us “, concludes the note.

Biden to Zelensky: “Good stop Visa-Mastercard service”

Joe Biden spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for over half an hour. In the interview, Biden highlighted the actions taken with his allies and private industry to raise costs on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. In particular, the White House reports, “he welcomed Visa and Mastercard’s decision to suspend service in Russia”. Biden stressed that his administration is increasing security, humanitarian and economic assistance to Ukraine and is working closely with Congress to secure additional funding. He also reiterated his concern over the recent Russian attack on a Ukrainian nuclear power plant and praised the skill and courage of the Ukrainian operators who kept the reactors in a safe condition. Biden and Zelensky also discussed “the recent talks between Russia and Ukraine”.

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