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Hell on the A1. In the night between 1 and 2 August, two trucks and a car collided. The balance sheet is tragic. The accident on the Autostrada del Sole caused the death of three people along the south lane, in the stretch between Cassino and San Vittore del Lazio, in the Frosinone area. The drivers of the vehicles lost their lives. The causes of the clash have yet to be ascertained. The traffic police are investigating. Even the victims are still to be identified and were transferred to the morgue of the ‘Santa Scolastica’ in Cassino ‘at the disposal of the magistrate.

Among the first hypotheses behind the accident that occurred shortly after midnight, perhaps the attempt to avoid a broken down car. The hauliers would have tried to avoid the impact but could not. The victims, wedged between the metal sheets, were extracted thanks to the intervention of several fire brigade teams as well as ambulances and doctors.

The lanes remained closed until the first light of dawn but to allow those who were stuck a few tens of meters from the accident, the north lane was closed and traffic in the opposite direction was allowed to flow to the Cassino tollbooth. While those heading south had the obligation to go out in Cassino.

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