Warzone Receives Biggest Balance Change Since Launch

Call of Duty: Warzone has received an update that, among other things, has made the biggest balance changes since the release of Battle Royale.

The changes have affected almost every weapon in the game and, according to the developers at the Raven studio, were the first major step towards increasing the average time to kill (TTK).

“It’s important to note that these weapon adjustments were not made in a vacuum. In assessing the individual changes, some of them may seem quite radical, but they were made in a holistic way and in such a way as to ensure a phased increase in the average TTK of several categories of weapons. “- Raven.

The main focus of the changes has been the torso damage multiplier, which has been reduced to emphasize accuracy.

“According to statistics, there is always a better weapon. This is the nature of competitive play. Players will seek and take advantage of every possible advantage, however small. We will make sure that the best weapons never abuse hospitality and that their effectiveness depends on the skill of the owner.

Conversely, there are also many players who prefer a variety of options to choose from. Our goal is to provide just that. We don’t want players to feel that they are clearly at a disadvantage for not using the generally accepted best weapon. ”- Raven

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