Washing machine, if you do your laundry this day of the week you save on your bill

If the watchword is to save, then the washing machine should be put into operation during this day of the week.

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In this historical moment it is a must save on everything and everything. Saving money with appliances is important, especially with the washing machine which seems to be one of the most used together with the dishwasher.

There are some little tricks to pay less on the bill, then there is a specific day in which to operate the washing machine for total savings. Didn’t you know? Mark the day on your calendar.

Electricity contract: what are the accepted conditions?

Before going to know which day is correct to use the washing machine saving money, let’s take a small step back to understand the conditions accepted in the contract.

White laundry in the washing machine
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When signing the electricity contract it is good to know the current conditions proposed. Individuals who have a single-hour contract have no difference in regards costs and consumption, days and times. The price in this case is the same regardless.

Most people have signed a two-tier contract and it is very important that they know which day to spend the least. Always evaluate this aspect, so as to save on your bill also according to your needs personal.

How to wash your laundry in the washing machine and save money

Washing on the indicated day is correct, as we will see shortly, but also applying small tricks to save even more is not to be underestimated. When using the washing machine it is good to:

  • Start the pre-wash if the laundry shows an unmanageable dirt
  • Separate the garments and fill the compartment well, without waste and avoiding unnecessary washing cycles
  • Clean the washing machine filter and carry out a general check once a year
  • Choose the ECO program
Set machine wash
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  • Read the label on the garments to follow the washing instructions
  • Choose temperatures that do not exceed 40 ° C
  • Invest in a high energy class appliance, excellent for saving later on.

The day to use the washing machine and save on the bill

As mentioned, saving is a must in this very difficult moment and the dear bill constantly remembers it.

When turning on the washing machine you should pay attention to one small detail – the day of washing the laundry.

The ideal day is Sunday all day, because it is a day where the rate applied is lower. Same goes for holidays that follow the same rules as Sunday. And when you have urgent need to wash clothes? Then you can do it during the week, taking the time slot after 7pm to save on the bill.

Wash your laundry on Sunday
Wash your laundry on Sunday-NanoPress.it

In any case it would be better to accumulate and also do two washes on Sunday, so that at the end of the month you can see the difference on the bill. Needless to go around it, no one can do without the washing machine but using it well means saving.

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