Watch Dogs: Legion

The art director of Watch Dogs: Legion has stressed the importance of being able to control a multitude of characters, with obvious benefits in terms of replayability.

John Cook, art director of Watch Dogs: Legion, revealed new information on the next chapter of the saga at the Ubisoft Experience event organized for the community. More specifically, the developer talked about the high replay value offered by the title.

“Another thing about the city that people may not really know is that places can be readjusted. To create a complex system in which to play as anyone, we must have the opportunity to return to various places and do different things; Take the E3 demo as an example, where you are invited to Scotland Yard to complete a goal, “explains Cook.

“By doing that same mission with a different subject, the player could be led somewhere else. It could be conducted at the Camden police station, at Nine Elms or MI6. The places in the game world are very different and adaptable, so we have huge potential in our version of London in terms of replayability “.

Cook also discussed the exclusive permadeath system that is the basis of Watch Dogs’ gameplay. The possibility of recruiting many characters, in fact, will also have implications from a tactical point of view.

“Permadeath is a bit of a controversial addition to the game. But personally, it’s something I love. I think many appreciate the way the stakes are amplified. It is important to note that permadeath is the result of a tactical choice. There is a decision to be made, you have the opportunity to surrender and the agents will enter a recovery period during which they will be placed in a hospital or prison, or in other circumstances depending on the situation. “

“This is a tactical choice. If you decide not to give up, then you are putting your agent at risk. If they die they will not be available again. This variable increases the stakes. It is a risk/reward situation that makes some phases of the game really exciting. I am happy to be able to propose it. Personally I love it, I think it’s a great idea. “

We remind you that Watch Dogs: Legion will be released on March 6th, 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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