Watch out for this € 5 banknote – that’s how much it could be worth

The concept of a single European currency, initially theorized only during the early stages of a community political idea, which later became a reality with the modern European Union, has become something concrete since the 1990s, after the Maastricht Treaty, which led to the idea monetary union, a requisite that has consequently brought about the birth of the euro. The euro has begun to take the place of the lira and all the other currencies of the countries that have chosen to be part of the community project since 2002, the year in which new coins and banknotes began to spread. Among the most recognizable and used stands the € 5 one, which is still the “minor” paper denomination today.

Minor cut

The € 5 is in fact the smallest denomination of the eight “originals” (seven if we refer to the second series, as the € 500 banknote is no longer produced, and like all the “older sisters” it maintains the characteristics highlighted in the first and in the current series, called Europewhich made its debut with this denomination of paper money, starting from 2013.

The € 5 banknote is also the smallest physically, measuring 120 × 62 centimeters and being the only one made of gray.

Watch out for this € 5 banknote – that’s how much it could be worth

Even if it is the “minor” denomination, and since it tends not to be rare, it is always advisable to pay attention to the € 5 euro banknotes that can fall into our hands. Although very rare, there are some of these banknotes that have a different appearance than those we know, recognizable by a very evident writing, placed on both sides of the specimen, Specimen.

This defines the specimens Facsimile, made on common paper but also a very limited series of banknotes not intended for circulation, but rather to act as a “gift” for European personalities of great importance. One € 5 Specimen on the market it is worth much more than the face value, we are talking about at least 500 euros up to over 1000 for a specimen in excellent condition.

€ 5

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