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Black Friday, although it has its roots in American culture, has made its way to other countries, including Poland, in recent years and settled down for good. The shopping frenzy at the turn of November and December seems to be unstoppable, and stores and manufacturers of various equipment are competing in offering the lowest prices for Black Friday products.

Unfortunately, not in every case the promotions with which we are inundated are real promotions. It often turns out that the reduction is not as attractive as the store assured. It also happens that the prices do not differ even by a penny or, worse, are higher compared to those at the beginning of November.

For this reason, we offer a guide to help you make informed choices on Black Friday. I hope that it will make it easier for you to check the product price history and that you will use this knowledge not only during the ongoing purchasing boom, but also all year round.

How to check the product price history in Polish online stores?

In order to check the price history of a given product in our native online stores, it is best to use price comparison websites, such as Skąpiec.pl or Ceneo.pl (here the option is visible only to logged in users).

With their help, we can easily check not only the current price, but also historical data and the trend of its change over the past weeks or months. This is a great reference point to verify that the current promotion is genuine.

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To check the price history in the above portals, go to the product page and click the button that opens the chart with data from the last days. In the case of the browser version, it was placed on the right side.

On the other hand, if we browse the website on a smartphone, in the first website we will find it on the top right, and in the second one a bit lower, between the list of offers and opinions about the product.

After pressing it, a graph is displayed, where you can easily view the price history with accuracy to the day.

How do I check a product’s price history on Amazon?

If you want to check how the price of a product has changed on Amazon, it is worth using dedicated pages or browser add-ons. For this purpose, you can visit Keepa.com, which provides accurate data on its changes to the site.

Its biggest downside is that does not support Polish Amazon yet, which means that the functionality in our country is limited only to checking prices in an American, British or German store. It is possible, however, that soon the website will also include support for the Polish version of the website.

To use the Keepa price tracking option, go to the “Track” tab and select the product search option. After finding it, we will see an extensive chart summarizing the price of both new and used products offered on the website.

How to check product price history on AliExpress?

Buying new equipment is often associated with the purchase of additional accessories, which we are often looking for on the Chinese AliExpress website. Thanks to dedicated pages and browser plugins, we can easily check whether the current price of the product is not artificially high. I use AliPrice for this purpose. Thanks to this service, you can see how the price has changed, both using the website and the add-on from the Chrome Web Store.

On the AliPrice.com website, just paste the link to the product page to check the data on its price changes. After pressing the Enter key, we will go to the chart showing historical data.

price history checking price during black friday aliprice
Price history visible on AliPrice.com | photo: Tabletowo.pl

However, if you buy a lot on AliExpress, I recommend installing a browser plug that allows you to view the chart with one click straight from the item page.

price history checking price during black friday aliprice
AliPrice.com has a convenient browser add-on for easy shopping | photo: Tabletowo.pl

Don’t get caught by bogus promotions

As I mentioned before, there are tons of bogus promotions on Black Friday where stores tell us about huge savings. Remember that cheats can be found almost everywhere (see the price history of the AirPods Pro case in the screenshot above).

Don’t be fooled and shop wisely. We will inform you about the most interesting promotions on Tabletowo.pl (probably on Wednesday we will start a live blog with the most interesting offers) and Oiot.pl.

We wish you fruitful shopping during this year’s Black Friday!

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