We are made of the same substance as the Champions placements

Napoli on Sunday evening had a road in front of it that forks, but did not choose any direction.


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Who knows if William will ever be able to forgive us Shakespeare. Is that a small one Storm it also fell on Napoli, it is that many had appealed to dreams before the match against Milan. “We are made of the same substance as dreams; and our short life is enclosed in the space and time of a dream “. It is not just literature, it is life that applies to everyday life. To the choices of every day, to the possibility of giving one’s dreams wide-ranging or suffocating them in a late winter night.

There was Milan and the one that has all the features of the historic occasion. Life is nothing more than what remains after every crossroads, what remains after every choice we make or don’t make. Napoli on Sunday evening had a road in front of it that forks, but did not choose any direction.

Paralysis. Technical, emotional, tactical. The truth must not commit the sin of arrogance, demand a single motivation to justify a performance so far from the expectations and claims of Spalletti.

Heroes or forgotten: forgotten. Forgetfulness is a legitimate aspiration, but the matter is more complex than the pre-devil conference technician put it. A football match puts so many things on the pitch, none more marginal than others.

Reasons, but not only. The Azzurri have lost practically all the direct clashes, they agreed to play the match that Milan wanted to play. On a technical level, Pioli blocked every source of blue play and Spalletti hesitated, hoping until the end for the stroke of fate.

Too fatalistic Luciano, on the evening when it was necessary to intervene after a first half that had already sent more than one signal. Practical solutions, practical solutions were needed. Accepting that feeling that everyone had at the end of the first half of a Milan better placed on the pitch, capable of neutralizing the Napoli strikers without even making too much effort. Waiting for 67 ‘to remove Insigne and Politano, who have never really entered the field, was too risky a bet. Don’t acknowledge the difficulties in the median, too.

As we said, there are many causes of a burning defeat. Who sets the usual limits, dream dissuaders that punctually place themselves in the path of this team. That just can’t go any further. That every time he would like to be made of the same substance of dreams and that, instead, it turns out to have the Champions placement as the highest ambition.

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