We are on the verge of collective immunity. And it’s not about COVID-19 at all. Fatal data

According to the data of the National Institute of Public Health PZH-PIB [Państwowy Zakład Higieny-Państwowy Instytut Badawczy – red.], as quoted by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, the level of vaccination of Poles is falling. For example, 91.2% were vaccinated against measles in 2020. people in Poland, and in the eastern regions of the country (Podkarpackie, Lubelskie, Podlaskie voivodships) even only about 86-88 percent. The population immunity threshold is 95%.

Population immunity is a condition in which, due to the high proportion of vaccinated people, the virus has such a limited ability to spread that even those who have not taken the vaccine are protected. That is why “DGP” writes that so far unvaccinated people were “stowaways”. Falling below the safety threshold means that diseases that have been almost forgotten for years may reappear in society.

In 2010, the average for Poland in the case of measles vaccination was 98.4%.

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Vaccination (illustrative photo)New guidelines on vaccination against COVID-19. What changed?

In Podlasie and the Lublin region, the implementation of the vaccination schedule has already dropped below 80 percent.

Experts from the NIPH PZH-PIB leave no illusions – although these are data for 2020, in 2021 it was not better. The downward trend is seen not only in vaccination against measles, but also in other diseases. The percentage of 2-year-olds vaccinated against polio has fallen from almost 100% in 2010 to approx. 93 percent. in 2020. For ten years, on average, approx. 92% of respondents were vaccinated. people against about 99 percent. a decade ago. 92 percent it is already below or – at best – on the border of the threshold of herd immunity, estimated for this disease (according to the National Institute of Public Health) at about 92-94%.

In the case of vaccinations against diphtheria or tetanus, the scale of the decrease is similar – with approx. 99%. up to 93 percent in ten years. There is still a “safety margin” here, because the population immunity threshold is approx. 86 percent.

According to the data of the National Institute of Public Health, in 2020 children in the third year of life were vaccinated by 85%. This number of children were fully vaccinated according to the immunization schedule. 13.6% were partially vaccinated. children, not vaccinated at all 1.5 percent

The implementation of the vaccination calendar varies between provinces. The best situation is in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodships, where approx. 94-96% were fully vaccinated. children. In other voivodships this percentage did not exceed 90%, and in Podlaskie and Lubelskie it is even below 80%.



Inoculation has been declining for a decade

The level of inoculation has been dropping successively for a decade. However, the last four years have brought an acceleration of this trend in the case of many preventive vaccinations

– says in “DGP” prof. Iwona Paradowska-Stankiewicz from the National Institute of Public Health, national consultant in the field of epidemiology.

The reasons for the decline in vaccination coverage include the actions of the ever-growing anti-vaccination movements, but not only. The COVID-19 pandemic and the related problems with access to clinic services could have delayed some of the mandatory vaccinations. In addition, it is the fact that many diseases have disappeared from Poland thanks to the excellent vaccination, which can lull parents’ vigilance today.

COVID-19 vaccine (illustrative photo)Israel starts the fourth dose of the vaccine

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