We have received a mysterious signal from Space, and where it comes from is a twist

This astronomical phenomenon continues to be one of the most studied and fascinating for scholars. High-energy flashes lasting a few milliseconds whose origin is unknown. In 2020, a magnetar (neutron star) was identified as responsible, but this did not explain the more distant fast radio bursts.

Lately the study of a particularly strange lightning has advanced another hypothesis. A team of researchers proposed that the signal came from a binary system about 8,480 light years away containing a magnetar and a star Be, a hotter and larger star that rotates faster than the Sun. A binary system.

illustration of a binary star on the outskirts of a globular cluster recent studies of such binaries by astronomers at warwick university, uk, suggest that globular clusters could be 4 billion years younger than thought


Bing Zhang, study co-author and astrophysicist, explained that such a complex, dynamically evolving magnetized environment had never been imagined before.

“Such an environment is not directly intended for an isolated magnetar,” he said. “Something else could be in the vicinity of the FRB engine, perhaps a binary companion.”

“These observations brought us back to the drawing board,” Zhang added. “It is clear that FRBs are more mysterious than we have imagined. More multi-wavelength observation campaigns are needed to further reveal the nature of these objects. ”

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