We know which company will take over the Lotos factory in Jasło

The Orlen and Lotos authorities have been negotiating with potential buyers of Lotos Asfalt and Lotos Infrastruktura for several months. The reason for the sale of the entities is the takeover of the entire Lotos company by PKN Orlen. In order for the fuel giants to merge, the European Commission ordered the sale of part of the Lotos plant.

Last year we informed that among the potential companies that could take over Lotos Asfalt is the Silesian company Unimot (it has been operating since 1992). Our announcements came true and today (January 12), during a press conference, Daniel Obajtek, President of PKN Orlen, confirmed the information on the future of the Jasło plant.

The acquisition of shares in Lotos plants, which operate in Jasło, will take place after meeting a number of conditions and upon payment of the price. According to our information, the transaction should be completed in the next six months. The purpose of the transaction is to enter the Unimot capital group into the activity of an independent fuel logistics operator based on its own infrastructure and production of modified bitumens along with the further development of trade in asphalt products. The President of Objatek assured the employees who will find themselves in the new company that the new employer is a solid company that guarantees not only the maintenance of jobs, but also stable development.

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