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The former premier personally affixed the mark on the notice board of the Interior Ministry: there is the wording MoVimento, the five stars and the date 2050, but no indication on the name of the leader

The first useful day for the deposit of the electoral symbols in view of the next political elections on 25 September ended. 81 badges were presented at the Interior Ministry. Among these is also that of the M5S: he presented himself to deposit it personally the M5s leader, Giuseppe Conte, accompanied by Vito Crimi.

Conte posted the M5S symbol for 2022 policies on the Viminale bulletin board among the flashes of the photographers present. The mark contains the wording MoVimento, the five stars and the date 2050. No indication of a leader contrary to the symbols of the coalitions already deposited (Lega, Fdi, FI, Civic commitment, Action-Iv, Noi moderati).

The former premier has not announced whether he will be a candidate for the House or the Senate but confirmed to the reporters present that the M5s will run alone without any coalition party in all the Italian and foreign constituencies. We run alone – says Conte – and we’re brave. A coincidence not escaped the press: after the M5S it was the Democratic Party that deposited the electoral badge. And so, the two symbols, M5s and Pd, found themselves next to each other, at least on the notice board of the Viminale.

August 13, 2022 (change August 13, 2022 | 20:47)

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