“We sent to war with rusty machine guns and our grandparents’ tactics”

The soldiers of Putin they did not know they were invading Ukraine until they were forced to return fire from Kiev. The accusation comes directly from an ex paratrooper ofRussian army, Pavel Filatiev: According to the 33-year-old soldier, his elite unit was sent without any warning that it would have to face the enemy forces. In his stories about him, published in a book, he explains how he was given a rusty machine gun and an unsuitable uniform, and that his comrades were wiped out because they were using “our grandparents” tactics. He said he woke up to the sound of gunfire in the back of an army truck crossing the border at 2am on February 24, the day the invasion began. Filatiev asked: “Are we shooting at the advancing Ukrainians?” “Where we were going and why it wasn’t clear. It was clear that a real war had begun. I found out we had orders to go to Kherson. ‘

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“So the war began: we Putin’s hostages”

When did i bombing and Ukrainian soldiers started shooting at Russian vehicles, Filatiev said he realized he had invaded the neighboring country. He added: “It became clear that we had attacked Ukraine.” The paratrooper was part of the original invasion, but he soon left the camp for medical reasons.

In excerpts highlighted by the independent media iStories and Meduza, Pavel wrote: “We did not have the moral right to attack another country, especially those closest to us. When this all started, we didn’t have any hatred and didn’t think of Ukrainians as enemies. Most of the military is dissatisfied with what is happening there. They are dissatisfied with the government and their commander, with Putin and with his policies, with the defense minister, who did not serve in the military. We have all become hostages of many forces and I believe we have let ourselves be carried away. We have started a terrible war. A war in which cities are destroyed and which leads to the deaths of children, women and the elderly ».

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