We Summon the Darkness by Alexandra Daddario in the trailer of the horror

Alexandra Daddario in the trailer of We Summon the Darkness, horror, heavy metal, set in 1988.





Saban Films has released the trailer ofhorror We Summon the Darknessdirected by Marc Meyers and interpreted by the beautiful Alexandra Daddario. The actress appeared with choral film focuses on a group of friends who, in 1988, he finds himself involved in a massacre by a cult of satanists.

This is the synopsis of We Summon the Darkness: Alexis (Daddario), the valley and Beverly embark on a journey to a festival of heavy metal music. The three of them stumble upon the three boys nice and polite, and soon the group is heading towards the home of Alexis countryside, isolated place, where you can continue the party. What should be a night of entertainment soon turns into a tragedy.

In the cast of du We Summon the Darkness we find Keean Johnson, Johnny Knoxville, Maddie Hasson and Amy Forsyth.

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