We tell you the stories of the women fighting the fire in Santa Cruz –

Marie Luz Farfan and Estefany Monteiro talk about the daily lives of women, and in many cases mothers, who decided to become firefighters

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“Always ready, there’s no way to slack off, the work is not for less. You have to be ready at all times, that’s what the manual says and we are always like that,” says Mary Luz Farfán Pérez de Callau, a volunteer firefighter. He is one of the few who is steadfast in his work as a commander despite any circumstances in life. Service of Municipal Emergencies (SEM).

“We are prepared for any emergency that may happen in the municipality or nearby places,” says Mary Luz, a woman who radiates joy despite life’s ups and downs.

“Sorry, my commander, today everything is uneven,” reports one of his subordinates, while EL Deber conducts interviews with the head of the SEM, one of those days when nothing significant has happened, but This is not always the case.

in grinding
Being the head of the Municipal Emergency Service is a job that requires you to keep a sharp eye, and for this reason you have to be available for any task that you have to complete and thus make that cadre. Young people receiving the part of a subordinate, says Mary Luz, find themselves.

The commander says volunteer firefighters have earned a prominent position in a job that, like any job, carries great responsibility, but also requires great sacrifice for a department like EMS.

“We are here to serve the society as a whole, we have no other priorities,” he says.

The mother of three children, one of whom has special abilities, has to juggle between home and work every day. “We work 24-hour shifts that we fulfill with full responsibility and a vocation to serve,” says Mary Luz.

Like her, many women find themselves every day in a job that used to be almost exclusively for men and is now a regular part of the new times.

Women have earned a place in these works due to their dedication and tenacity. It is a job that entails great responsibility and sacrifice.

Marie Luz started in this business in 2003, becoming a part of the organization “Agents of Peace” in 2003 with activities providing services to the society, such as donating blood and donating to the needy people.

“Labor, even if it is sacrificed, entails a satisfaction that is serving others and we take it as our livelihood,” says Estefany Monteiro, a doctor who is also part of SEM and who Says she is happy with that body of service to the people.

Unless there is an emergency in and around the capital city, the things they do are very diverse, but always think of serving others without expecting a reward.

community service
Vaccination drives and rescue operations are part of their daily routine. With the Covid-19 pandemic, there was reinforced work which was always fully complied with by all the fire brigades and emergency services present in the department.

They always have daily tasks when there is no emergency, as they celebrate Prevention Day in various places, such as markets and educational modules.

“We go to all the places to teach everything related to fire prevention, first aid and education for any emergency in everyday life,” he says.

Regular visits are made to the colleges and schools of the capital city to teach the students and teachers the rescue operations against any contingency.

“It’s a gratifying job that makes us very proud, you don’t know how much it encourages us to keep going,” says Estefany Monteiro, who has passed through offices, clinics and hospitals, but who lives in the Not so inspiring.

“You live to serve, not just live, we’re on that path,” he says.

Surgeon Estefany, who graduated from Udbol, feels very committed to her work. “It is one thing to be told about it and another to share it with young people in schools. The boys learn first aid and also learn how to prevent fires, either due to failures in the electrical system as well as an accident. We are ready to teach everything that is relevant to any situation that may arise”, she adds.

“It’s a job that requires a lot of sacrifice, but people’s gratitude leaves us more than rewarded,” says Mary Loos, and that’s what keeps her in a positive frame of mind to continue her work.

Windy days, rain and other climatic phenomena keep firefighters in constant activity.

The ordering lady says, “Falling from trees, floods and other contingencies are often a constant in our work, but for this we are trained, sometimes there is no place to rest, but this We are bound to follow the society.” SEM.

There are many women who currently work in the emergency and fire services in the city, such as Fundasol, Bolivian Police Firefighters, Santa Cruz Firefighters, UBR and DEM who provide a great service to the community with their sacrifices.

With only a few days left to celebrate Mother’s Day, we pay tribute to all the women who dedicate their lives to work for others and make a huge sacrifice, which benefits the entire society.

“We are proud to belong to this fire brigade, in spite of the shortcomings we have, but service to others demands this sacrifice from us and we abide by it completely. There is no room for faintheartedness or despair, we Always with a positive mind and this allows us to respect Santa Cruz and Bolivian society as a whole. I have no other way to present my competition than to serve people”, says Marie Luz .

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