We will continue talks with all EU partners

The meeting with the participation in the Storm of National Security has ended President of the Republic of Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, head of the Ministry of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak, head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau and service representatives. The talks focused on the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border, as well as the threat of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

– Nobody wants this situation to get worse. I am talking about the security situation both in Belarus and in Ukraine, said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcin Przydacz at the press conference after the meeting.

– The signal of unity and the signal of a potential, tough economic and political response from the collective west may discourage our eastern neighbors from further aggressive actions. We are working on it today – assessed the politician.

Przydacz emphasized that intensive talks with the countries of the Middle East on readmission agreements are currently underway. – Here Brussels, the European Union, has a major role to play. The EU has been negotiating this readmission agreement with Iraq for quite a long time. Unfortunately, it has not been signed yet, said the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Zbigniew Rau’s deputy also assured that if the border crisis scales, Poland will not hesitate to close the border crossings with Belarus.

The offensive will continue

The deputy minister informed that a further diplomatic offensive of the Polish government was planned for the coming days. He assured that Poland wanted to maintain the unity of the European Union.

– This Friday visit to London is a certain turning point closing the region, and then the three most important capitals in Europe. Berlin, Paris, London. However, next week, if it is possible and the calendars allow, we will of course continue these activities, also with other partners – he informed.

President and Prime Minister in crossovers

On Thursday at 11.30 in Brussels President Andrzej Duda will meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The conversation will focus on the security of the alliance’s eastern flank. After the interview, a press conference with the participation of both leaders is planned.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will travel to Berlin, where he will meet Angela Merkel and the future Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

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