We will not get money from KPO quickly. The government is already admitting it

In mid-October, PiS spokeswoman Anita Czerwińska said that KPO money was “a matter of days”. At the end of October, Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, Waldemar Buda, was asked on TVN24 when, in his opinion, Poland would receive the first tranche from the Reconstruction Fund. He replied that he assumed it would happen later this year. At the beginning of November, he declared that he was optimistic about the approval of the National Reconstruction Plan by the European Commission, but there was no certainty that KPO money would appear in Poland by the end of 2021. Today he admits that we will probably wait a few more months for the money.

On Friday, Buda was asked by journalists, among others whether this year there is still a chance for an advance payment for Poland from the National Reconstruction Plan. – The first payments that result from our KPO are the second half of 2022. This year, a possible advance from the national pool is still possible. It is not as important as some people attach importance to it – replied the deputy head of the PRMF.

He assured that the advance payment would not be lost if Poland did not reach an agreement with the European Commission by the end of the year. – The advance payment is from the pool that Poland is entitled to. Whether or not we receive a pool beforehand is neither necessary nor necessary for us. Only the implementation of projects requires financing, and today the preparation of these projects is underway – explained Buda. He emphasized that the advance is pre-financing, and its lack of payment this year will not reduce the overall pool of funds for Poland.

Deputy minister informed that from the beginning of the creation of the KPO, the first payments were planned after the second quarter of 2022. – Apart from the advance payment, we hope that this will be the moment in the middle of the year – said Buda, when asked when the money from KPO could actually be transferred to Poland.

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