Weather report. Hurricane Fiona, devastation and casualties over Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Now aim for Bermuda «3B Meteo

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Hurricane Fiona seen from the satellite

After sowing death and destruction on Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, with about 700mm of rain in a few hours and two victims, Hurricane Fiona has deviated its course pointing further north. It is now located at coordinates 21.3N 70.9W, which is 150km north of the Dominican Republic and just over 50km southeast of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It’s a Category 3 hurricane, the first major of the season Atlantic, and in the next few hours, flowing on warmer than normal ocean waters, it will further increase until you reach category 4 which it will keep unchanged for a few days while it will go up the Atlantic Ocean.

The gusts of wind that will blow around its center will reach 200km / h and on Friday it is expected to transit at a very short distance from Bermuda, where the consequences could be very serious. But what is also worrying is its subsequent trajectory, given that at the end of the week it could arrive with a lot of speed to impact eastern Canada.

The latest projections indicate his possible landfall by Sunday between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Island, therefore at very northern latitudes. At that moment it will have assumed the characteristics of a strong extra tropical cyclone, finding itself flowing over the cooler waters of the North Atlantic. But the impact on Canadian territory could come with winds up to 160km / h, violent storms and torrential rains.

The predicted route of Hurricane Fiona
The predicted route of Hurricane Fiona

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