Weather reversal: anomalous heat bubble blown away, rain returns

The excessive power of the African anticyclone is getting stronger and will be the dominant element of the weather in this final part of October. The exceptional heat anomalies, after having hit Southern Italy, will be concentrated in the Center-North with temperatures increasing further.

return autumn 1 - Weather reversal: bubble of anomalous heat swept away, rain returns
Towards the return of the rains in early November

The off-season heat will also hit the heart of Europe even more sensationally. This great anomaly, which we have been dragging along for days now, will not end very soon. However there are elements of a change that should anticipate with respect to the projections available in recent days.

The dominance of the anticyclone will continue undaunted for sure for the rest of October, then a waning phase of the high pressure field favorable to the gradual return of autumn. The Atlantic currents will return to lower in latitude, bringing a scenario more suited to autumn.

The latest updates confirm the gradual subsidence of the majestic anticyclone at the dawn of the new month, clearly pressed by the revived Atlantic disturbed circulation that will try to gain ground from the west.

The rains return from the beginning of November

The change could be perceived on part of Italy as early as All Saints’ Day, with the influx of southwestern humid currents to accompany the transit of a first perturbation. The rains should in fact wet part of the North.

This first front does not appear capable of bringing bad weather, but it could still score the start of a more dynamic phase. In this phase, the anticyclone will still resist well in the Center-South, with the continuation of a decidedly hot context for the period.

The anticyclone’s grip will fade further in the following days, with a second disturbed impulse that will probably involve Italy around 4-5 November, no longer limited to the northern regions only.

We will still have to have a little patience, but the road to the disruptive entrance of Autumn appears traced. A general change in the meteorological context seems to further favor the decisive entry of the perturbations from France to Italy and therefore of a fully autumnal context.

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