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HOT AFRICAN AND PEAKS EVEN OVER 40 ° C BUT LESS LONG: as was expected, Italy is entering the 6th heat wave of the summer season 2022 but unlike the previous ones it will last very little. It is in fact an African anticyclonic comeback with a dynamic matrixaccompanied on Italy by the deepening of a Atlantic sack on Western Europe, that same sack that will lead to unstable or disturbed weather in the next few hours on part of the North and between Thursday and Friday on most of the central-northern regions. So intense heat yes but not for everyone , there will be areas with temperatures even below average and it will only last a couple of days. So let’s see what we should expect:

TEMPERATURE THURSDAY: truly remarkable thermal excursions from north to south with temperatures below average in the Northwest and strongly above average in the extreme south where it can exceed 40 ° C in Sicily. Intense heat up to Abruzzo with high heat along the coasts.

TEMPERATURE FRIDAY: thermal collapse in the Center and in part also in the South where it resists a bit of heat between Calabria, Puglia and Sicily but with highs hardly above 35/36 ° C. Below average Northeast Emilia Romagna and Liguria.

WEEKEND TEMPERATURE: the values ​​tend to normalize, there will be a slight increase in the North and a further slight decrease in the South with maximums generally not higher than 30/32 ° C

Do you want to know if there will be wind in your area? We also have national and regional wind maps available. Click here for details >> Twenty.

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