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The situation of this week’s releases is somewhat singular with a rosary of 12 titles spread over the whole week. I’m already in the room I KNOW WHO YOU ARE by Alessandro Colizzi on the true story of Vincenzo Agostino who, more than 30 years after the murder of his policeman son by the Mafia, is still looking for evidence on principals and executors; LEONARDO: THE LOST MASTERPIECE by Andreas Koefoed on the financial entanglements that made the great artist’s “Salvator Mundi” authenticate despite many doubts about its origin. From today comes the Italian film on which many are betting, OTHERWISE WE ARRABBIA, a calligraphic remake of the great success of the couple Bud Spencer / Terence Hill with the collective direction by YouNuts.
In the role of the two brothers Carezza and Sorriso, always on the line between farce and adventure, there are now Edoardo Pesce and Alessandro Roia while the “villain” has the effective irony of Christian De Sica and the beauty on duty is Alessandra Mastronardi. But also today Stefano Deffenu’s dreamy Indian documentary ANANDA comes out with the screenplay by Bonifacio Angius and above all Michael Bay’s adrenaline thriller AMBULANCE with Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. They are two brothers divided by life (one is a war hero who must find the money at any cost to have his wife operate, while the other is a very skilled criminal) who fate reunites for a sensational bank robbery that starts badly. On board a stolen ambulance, in which a policeman agonizes, the two travel across Los Angeles at high speed. From tomorrow in the hall: – SPENCER by Pablo Larrain with Kristen Stewart, Timothy Spall, Jack Farthing, Sean Harris, Sally Hawkins, Jack Nielen, Freddie Spry, Stella Gonet, Richard Collect, Elizabeth Berrington, Lore Stefanek, Amy Manson, James Harkness, Laura Benson, Wendy Patterson, Thomas Douglas, Olga Hellsing. A biopic festively decorated with scenes and costumes of great elegance to tell a crucial moment in the life of Lady Diana. It is the 1991 Christmas holidays that the unhappy couple of Charles and Diana spend at the royal estate of Sandringham, in Norfolk. These are the days in which the princess matures the decision to distance herself from her husband, more and more taken by her relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, but they are also the last moments of carefree in the bosom of the family and close to her children.
– PARIS 13 ARR. by Jacques Audiard with Lucie Zhang, Noémie Merlant, Makita Samba, Jehnny Beth, Camille Léon-Fucien, Oceane Cairaty, Anaide Rozam, Pol White, Rong-Ying Yang, Geneviève Doang. Anyone wishing to have confirmation of all the talent of one of the greatest French directors of today will be happy to find themselves in this apparently ordinary story, shot in a sumptuous black & white and with little-known actors. Audiard stalks the lives of four boys against the backdrop of the Les Olympiades complex in the Parisian nurse. Here the stories of Emilie meet Camille, who is attracted to Nora, who crosses Amber’s path, intertwine. Three girls and a boy who are somehow ambassadors of that feeling we call love and which today is defined as “liquid”. The film, not to be missed, is a true essay on modernity.
– MYSTERY IN SAINT TROPEZ by Nicolas Benamou with Benoît Poelvoorde, Christian Clavier, Gérard Depardieu, Rossy de Palma, Virginie Hocq, Thierry Lhermitte, Nicolas Briançon, Vincent Desagnat, Jérôme Commandeur. A Parisian rich man on vacation on the Côte d’Azur in the summer of 1970 is throwing the traditional summer party at his villa when an unusual car accident (perhaps a sabotage) makes him feel in danger, even to the point of asking for help from the police. The best detectives, however, are also on vacation and it is therefore the pedantic Jean Boullin, who is one step away from retirement. – THE WORST WORK OF MY LIFE by Tomas Gilou with Kev Adams, Gérard Depardieu, Daniel Prévost, Mylène Demongeot, Jean-Luc Bideau, Firmine Richard, Marthe Villalonga, Antoine Duléry, Manda Touré, Oussama Kheddam. Poor Milann Rousseau is still a teenager who has been assigned 300 hours of social service to avoid prison. Fortunately for him, the destination seems peaceful: a retirement home where the boy is literally adopted by seven sprightly retirees. But when he realizes that no one ever comes to visit the old men and that there is a stink of cheating, Milann decides to make his assistants rebel and leads a daring escape from the hospice. To the rhythm of comedy, uncomfortable themes are tackled, however, guaranteeing a happy ending and here there is always Depardieu towering over.
Also out: the generational comedy by Chiara Bellosi CALCINCULO on the realization that the world is not only dotted with misfortunes on the part of the 15-year-old Benedetta, thanks to her meeting with the ineffable Andrea Carpenzano; the love story of the talented Leyla Bouzid A STORY OF LOVE AND DESIRE in which two teenagers (the French Ahmed and the Tunisian Farah) discover themselves in love in the sign of a common passion for Arabic literature and studies at the Sorbonne; the documentary THE OTHER DARK IN THE ROOM with which Ciro Formisano evokes the ancient charm of 14 historic cinemas of the peninsula, now one step away from closing, thanks to the memories of famous actors and directors: from Carlo Verdone to Claudio Bisio.

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