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Weather: Weekend, strong disturbance towards Italy; the effects will be important both Saturday and Sunday

Weather forecast for the weekendAll confirmed: the latest update leaves no way out, during the weekend one is coming strong disturbance on Italy which will cause a wave of bad weather with important effects on many regions between Saturday 24 And Sunday 25th September.

The weekend will open, Saturday 24with a turning point weather that will catapult us directly into Autumn. If we broaden our gaze to the entire European chessboard, we can in fact notice how a large depression area will approach very quickly from Northern Europe. that will give the start of a phase of widespread bad weather.
The decidedly unstable and fresh currents entering the Mediterranean basin will cause the formation of cyclonic vortex which, recalling intense and humid southern currents, will enhance the contrasts between different air masses. It will be formed for the first time classic autumn configuration able to carry heavy rains it’s a sharp drop in temperaturesespecially in the maximum values.
According to the latest updates, maximum attention must be paid initially to the Northwest where, especially between bass Piedmont And Liguriacould fall down to over 100 liters of water per square meter in a short time.
The bad weather will then quickly spread to the rest of the North and to the Tyrrhenian sectors with widespread rains and thunderstorms.

And that’s not all: in the course of On Sunday 25 September the bad weather will insist on Italy due to the influx of further cold air at high altitude. This time, they will be under observation Tuscany and in particular the Lazio where we do not exclude training massive storm cells capable of discharging large quantities of water to the ground within a few hours: in short, the risk is that of fearsome ones flash floods.
Specifically, we expect one typically autumn holiday day, with temperatures that will struggle to rise above 18/20 ° C, at least in the Center-North.
Different speech for the South and for Sicily where we will have a fair amount of sunshine with thermal values ​​even slightly above average thanks to the intense ones winds of Scirocco.

Strong disturbances arriving on Italy during the weekend 24-25 SeptemberStrong disturbances arriving on Italy during the weekend 24-25 September

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