“Well is back”, Julia Roberts has chosen her co-star

Well is back is the film that airs this evening at 21.25 on Rai. Awarded in 2018 at Alice nella città, an independent section of the then Film Festival, Well is back is directed by Lucas Hedges and is played by the Hollywood diva Julia Roberts.

The plot

Well (Lucas Hedges) is a drug addict who is trying to clean up in a rehabilitation center. With the Christmas holidays approaching, Ben receives permission to go home and spend the holidays with his family. His sponsor is convinced that getting closer to loved ones can only do good to the boy and help him carry out his mission. His mother Holly (Julia Roberts) is delighted to be able to have her son back, but can’t shake the feeling that Ben is lying and that his progress is not as good as the boy says. As if that were not enough, returning to the “circle” of him, forced to fight against the ghosts of the past, Ben gives in to temptation and takes drugs again. As the dealer who sells him drugs begins to blackmail him, Holly will have to do everything she can to try to save her son and try to give him a second chance.

Julia Roberts’ choice

According to what can be read from the website of theInternet Movie Data Basewhen the director Peter Hedges began to work on the making of Well is back he had drawn up a list of possible actors from which to choose the protagonist’s interpreter. Perhaps for fear of being accused of nepotism, in this list the director did not include the name of his son, Lucas Hedges, who therefore at the beginning was not even considered to lend the face to the unfortunate Ben of the title. Having had some parts in films by notable directors such as Wes Anderson and Terry Gilliam, Lucas Hedges he was starting to get noticed in the Hollywood world thanks to a few co-star performances that showed off his evident talent. In 2016, for example, she comes to the cinema with Manchester by the sea, the beautiful film by Kenneth Lonergam, in which he starred opposite Casey Affleck. The film not only had the merit of introducing the young actor to a wide and international audience, but above all it brought him closer to Julia Roberts. On Imdbwe read that it was Julia Roberts, who immediately joined the cast of Well is back, to be struck by the talent of Lucas Hedges in the Lonergam film, to the point of begging Peter Hedges to hire him for the role of Ben. So, in fact, it was Julia Roberts who chose her co-star.

Peter Hedges, of course, was delighted to be able to give his son a chance and the chemistry between Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts it worked so beautifully that it was the real highlight of the film. According to what Lucas Hedges himself told in a statement reported by Everyeye, Julia Roberts took him so under her wing that she also dated him off the set. The actor said: “It was great. We got along very well: she hosted me at her house for several days just to get to know her, her family and her children. I spent Thanksgiving with her. She was always very generous on set. I have it. truly lived as a mother, her empathy makes her a great actress. She didn’t have to play a mother, as the role of mother is deeply rooted in her own life. It gives her something to really fight for and gives her more power. great than her, the feeling of something greater than her. I came into contact with an extraordinary person thanks to this film “.

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