West Nile, one of the infected Brescians has died

One of the three Brescians infected by the West Nile, Nile Fever transmitted by the bite of some mosquitoes. There is still no confirmation but it should be a person residing in the Bassa, in Cigole. He was hospitalized.

As for the other two patients who contracted the disease, one is in good condition and will soon be discharged from the hospital, while the other emerged before a blood donation.

West Nile fever it is not spread from person to person through contact with infected people. The incubation period from the moment of the infected mosquito bite varies between 2 and 14 days, but it can also be 21 days in subjects with deficiency in the immune system.

Cases in Italy have instead increased by 53% in seven days, reaching 144, with 11 deaths since June, the last of which is now in the Brescia area. The Nile Fever is spreading especially in Northern Italy: the Ministry of Health is monitoring the situation carefully but, however, the infectious disease specialists warn, rWest Nile leads to serious consequences.