What a Talent! Irina Shayk Wiggled “Down” at the New York Fashion Week

The Russian model was the life of the party.

Irina Shayk is one of the highest-paid figures in the world of catwalks, who often delights her followers wearing costumes from the most sought-after designers in the industry.

Become a celebrity, the international top model steals all eyes in any parade in which it is presented, because its unique beauty falls in love with everyone.

But in addition to her talent in the world of fashion, the Russian model has several qualities that until now were not known by public opinion.

It turns out that Irina, who participated in the most recent edition of the New York Fashion Week, left them all with their mouths open at an after-party, in which she wore another skill.

Shayk caused a stir at the event, dancing very gracefully in the middle of the dance floor while the guests enjoyed their hip movements.

In the middle of a circle where everyone applauded her to the rhythm of the music, Bradley Cooper’s ex-partner wiggled “down” leaving everyone breathless.

The proof of her feat was published by Irina Shayk herself on her Instagram account, flaunting her dance skills, while her fans did not stop praising her.

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